In America, it is your right as a citizen to bear arms and protect your life, family, and property. No matter how one feels about this right, all can agree that a significant level of responsibility is required to own and operate a firearm. Part of that responsibility is becoming familiar with your state’s gun laws and knowing what kind of firearm is best for you and whoever else has access to it. While we won’t go into the depths of state gun laws, here are some handguns best suited for beginners.


Springfield XD Mod 2 (Service Model)


As one of the most recognized firearm manufacturers around, Springfield is known to make firearms for all experience levels. The XD Mod 2 is considered a “fired pistol,” meaning there is no hammer. It comes with full grip making control that much easier. Improved texturing helps to prevent the gun from slipping out of your hands or any other unwanted movement.


Ruger LCR9 (9mm)


Point. Shoot. Done. The Ruger makes the list because it is notoriously easy to use. It’s the perfect size for concealed carry and offers up impressive stopping power. This Ruger comes with a double-action-only trigger making it virtually impossible to fire the gun accidentally.


Sig Sauer P320 (9mm)


The U.S. Army chose this gun for all new soldiers coming in. Complete with interchangeable parts, you can customize this handgun to fit your hands and improve comfort. The lack of a trigger pull also works in favor of the beginner, meaning now you don’t have to pull the trigger to take the gun apart.


Beretta PX4 Storm


3-dot sight system to make aiming easier. Interchangeable backstraps to make the grip more custom and comfortable. Automatic firing pin block to help prevent accidental discharge while the gun is not in use.


Those are just a few of the best handguns for beginners. Be sure to do your own research in order to find what gun will work best for you. You must also be aware of the concealed carry laws and all the gun laws pertaining to your state and/or county. Be safe, protect yourself and others, and exercise your rights.