David Kenik | St. Louis, Mo

Firearm Training

When it comes to David Kenik, there are few things he feels as passionately about as gun safety. He likes to say he teaches what he lives and lives what he teaches.

David Kenik‘s philosophy is that armed self-defense is more complicated than it seems. The more you know, the more you realize how much more there is to learn. His wisdom and guidance come from an everyday user’s perspective, which is one of the reasons his teachings are so popular.

David has been a professional firearms instructor for nearly ten years and is a contributing editor to several tactical magazines. He earned his bachelor of science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he studied professional photography. After graduation, he founded his own company, David Kenik Photography, and ran it successfully for ten years before changing his career path. He embarked on a career in sales with United Group Associates, developing contacts and gaining experience in the sales and marketing industry. He continued his upward climb as the Sales and Marketing Director for Benefit Concepts, a leading provider of employee benefit administration services.

David Kenik, currently located in Saint Louis, Missouri, started getting involved in the self-defense industry after the successful publication of his educational-style book, Armed Response. He wrote the book to educate civilians about the proper technique for handling and caring for a personal firearm. Unsurprisingly, the response was overwhelmingly positive and it led to the development of multiple training videos and magazine articles. In addition to having already established himself as a well-respected member of the sales industry, he felt encouraged to pursue gun safety training as a secondary career path since a more interactive experience was what people were asking for.

As well as offering private instruction for handguns, rifles, and shotguns, David Kenik also offers training classes through third-party organizations and businesses such as gun stores, gun clubs, and pro-gun organizations.

The main reason David Kenik is unlike any of his competitors is wrapped up in his unique teaching style. He does not dictate commands about proper procedures according to him. Instead, he demonstrates several options and gives the positives and negatives of each, stating which ones he prefers and why. Then he leaves the choice up to the individual. He knows after years of teaching that people learn better that way and the lessons taught will remain longer. In addition, he is proud of the fact that his videos contain no filler material. When people buy his videos, they know they are getting two solid hours of consistent instruction, not a 45-minute lesson repeated multiple times.

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