Podcasts have become an increasingly popular source of entertainment and information over the course of the years, with topics ranging from world news to niche topics. Several podcasts revolve around gun ownership as well, focusing on topics like hunting, survival prepping, self-defense tactics, and much more. If this sounds like something you’d like to get invested in, here are some of the top podcasts to check out.


Wild Game Hunting


Hosted by Korby Taylor, “Wild Game Hunting” is a monthly podcast for all of the hunters out there. The show talks about different game animals, different hunting methods, professional tips, field lessons, product reviews, personal anecdotes, and much more.


Matter of Facts


Focusing on serious discussions about firearms, “Matter of Facts”—hosted by Phil Rabalais and Andrew Bobo—takes the time to talk about the second amendment, the current politics surrounding firearms, and other thoughtful conversations.


Shannon Smith Shooting Show


Shannon Smith, a former US Army Ranger team and squad leader of six years, is a USPSA Grandmaster when it comes to guns. From shooting tips to alcohol recommendations (never at the same time), the “Shannon Smith Shooting Show” is perfect for those looking for shooting and life advice.


Survivalist Prepper


The episodes in the “Survivalist Prepper” podcast may revolve around theoretical dystopian futures, but they still offer sound advice and necessary knowledge to prepare for any situation thrown your way. Topics they cover include first aid, reading people, prepping with a special needs family, and critical thinking skills. 


This Week in Guns


“This Week in Guns” is a surefire way to keep up with the latest news and information in the firearms industry. It’s part of the Firearms Radio Network and has a rotating group of experts on the show to offer commentary on the news of the week.


Firearms Cafe


The place of firearms in American society is often under scrutiny, and “Firearms Cafe” takes a deep dive into the politics surrounding gun culture. The show delves into newsworthy shootings and the mass shootings that have happened in America, among other things.